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The NEOTEC series of flip-up helmets with internal sun visor has been supported by many riders by combining the functions that riders want at a high level. Now the new NEOTEC, which is all brushed up with SHOEI’s state-of-the-art technology and know-how, is born as “NEOTEC 3”.

  • An advanced ECE R22/06 certified model, with a refined design and further improved functionality and comfort while inheriting the basic functions of NEOTEC II.
  • Suitable for every occasion, from long touring to commuting and city riding.


While inheriting the basic functions inherited from the NEOTEC series, such as the characteristic shell design for the internal sun visor housing and the face cover opening/closing system with eccentric axis, every detailed parts of NEOTEC II have been reviewed and pursued to improve in comfort and functionality for NEOTEC3; a center locking mechanism that improves the shield’s contact with the window beading and prevents wind from entering, newly designed cheek pads, a new micro ratchet chinstrap that improves wearing comfort, etc. NEOTEC3 meets ECE R22/06 standard, P/J double homologation (riding with face cover closed is recommended). In addition, communication system mounting mechanism has been newly designed, with compact base parts on both side of the shell, it enhances integration with the helmet design when the communication system is installed. NEOTEC3, which has enhanced functionality and comfort in every detail, enriches the quality of riding in every riding scene, from commuting to long touring.


  • Seamless design that eliminates the gap between the face cover and the shell and the shell and the ventilation parts
  • Advanced aerodynamic form
  • Sophisticated design with a sense of unity even when the communication system is installed

Pursuit/Improvement of functionality

  • Newly designed micro ratchet chinstrap
  • Newly designed cheek pad to improve quietness
  • QSV-2 internal sun visor
  • CNS-3C Shield: CNS-3 shield performing high air tightness and preventing water leaking adapted to center locking mechanism
  • Side cover making the gap between the shell and the face cover seamless and improve quietness
  • Face Cover locking mechanism
  • The integrated communication system mounting mechanism

Pursuit of safety

  • ECE R22/06 certification
  • Multi-piece EPS liner to optimize impact absorption for each part by utilizing varying densities of form
  • AIM shell