Gerbing Digital Temperature Controller

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Portable Digital Controller is designed to be used with Gerbing Heated Jacket Liners if you are using the new 2019 Push-Button Gloves.

*** If you have the Pre-2019 model gloves that do not have the built-in push-button controller on the glove then you will need Gerbing Dual Controller ***

The Portable Digital Controller consist of two female leads that connect into the plugs inside your jacket and one male plug that connects to your power source:

The Jacket Lead (female) connects into your jacket plug marked 'Jacket' and will control the temperature of your jacket. Using the push button on the control the user can choose 5 different heat settings shown in the digital display from 1-5; 1 being 20% heat, 5 being 100% heat.

The Glove Lead (female) connects into your jacket plug marked 'Gloves' and will supply the power to the glove circuit. Unlike the jacket, you control the power of the gloves directly from the push-button on your glove

The third lead (male) plugs directly into your power source (battery hook-up or accessory plug)

The Gerbing Portable Digital Temperature Controller can also be controlled via a Wireless Remote Unit.



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