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Base layer T-shirt with QuickDry technology made of hydrophobic fiber for quick drying, perfect in every season.

Quick Dry Tee is the crew-neck t-undershirt designed to dry in the shortest time possible.

Hypoallergenic and anti-odor, Quick Dry Tee is a comfortable and convenient solution, perfect for washing in the evening so it’s ready to use the next morning.

Its breathable fabric makes it perfect for use all year round.



Dryarn® is a high-performance fiber. Its yarn allows to design garments that are practical and comfortable to wear. Among all, Dryarn® major characteristics are that it is lightweight, insulating, and breathable.


Dryarn is a highly hydrophobic fabric. This means that it optimizes the process of managing sweat and moisture, keeping the body dry at all times.

Many other fibres don’t allow the body to breathe properly, blocking the body’s normal perspiration process altogether or, at best, allowing it to function for a limited period only.

During light sports activities Dryarn controls the flow of perspiration vapour to keep the body’s thermal regulation system well balanced and the skin dry. Where higher levels of physical effort are involved, Dryarn will transfer sweat from the skin to the surface of the fibre and onwards to the outside of the fabric and into the environment. It does this quickly and efficiently.


  • Made in Italy


  • Seamless build for superior comfort


  • 15% Polyamide
  • 5% Elastane
  • 80% Dryarn®
  • Environmentally-friendly fiber and 100% recyclable


  • Active moisture management
  • Air Grid to increase perspiration


  • Quick dry