It’s an unfortunate and somewhat disturbing fact that Motorcycle thefts have increased in recent years. A home office report in to vehicle security and crime found that motorcycle theft in London increased by 44% between 2012 and 2014, and has only increased since then.

As Motorcyclists, often our bikes are so much more than just a tool for commuting. They’re our pride and joy, our passion and it’s hard to stomach when someone takes that away.

Thankfully there are still a number of things you can do to help keep your vehicle safe and we’ve listed a few below.

  1. Out of sight, out of mind!
    We’re sure it goes without saying, but if you have the facility to keep your bike away from prying eyes, then do so. Don’t be tempted to leave your bike out the front of your home if you’ve got a garage you could tuck it away in! If you absolutely HAVE to leave it outside, then try to park it in an area with lots of street lighting and use a bike cover to conceal which bike is sat underneath, particularly if your bike is a desirable model!
  2. Steering Lock
    Most thieves will be able to get through your steering lock quite easily, however it can act as a deterrent, so it’s always worth utilising! If your ignition and steering locks are separate then even better, as the thief in question will have to break through multiple locks before making off with your bike.
  3. Ground Anchors
    Whatever locks you use, make sure at least one is attached to a ground anchor. It’s all very well putting a lock through your disk so the front wheel won’t turn, but professional thieves will more often than not arrive in a van and lift your whole bike in to it, without cutting any locks on site. Attaching your lock to a ground anchor eliminates the ability to vanish with your bike without breaking any locks. If you’re leaving your bike on the street then attaching to something like a lamp post etc would be better than nothing. Even if you keep your bike tucked away in a garage it is still worth locking to a ground anchor, as garages are easily broken in to even when locked!
  4. Mark your machine
    Use a UV pen to write your reg no & postcode on all parts of your bike. It may not protect your bike from being taken but it will make it a lot easier for it to be found. It’s a lot easier for the police to stop a potential thief and identify whether the bike in question might be yours if there’s a clear way to identify it!
  5. Bike Covers
    It might not seem like putting a cover over your bike would make much difference if a thief wanted to take your bike, but you’d be surprised. Covering your bike means a potential thief can’t tell what make, model or age your bike is meaning they can’t know if it’s worth taking. It also conceals what kind of other security measures you have put in place, so they won’t know if it’s an easy steal or not. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t use a cover as your only means of protection, but they have been proven to help!
  6. Alarms/Immobilisers
    A decent, Thatcham approved alarm system can not only deter thieves, it could also reduce your insurance premiums if you have an insurance approved combined alarm and immobiliser fitted to your bike. Our advice would be to make sure you get your alarm fitted by a trained professional – modern bikes often don’t take well to a poorly fitted alarm.
  7. Tracking Device
    If you’re going to fit a tracking device, do some research and purchase the best one you can afford in terms of reliability and success in recovering stolen vehicles.

We hope you’ll never be in the position where you wake up to an empty garage or parking space, but unfortunately it seems harder and harder to stop thieves from taking what isn’t theirs. However, hopefully the above has given some good insight in to keeping your bike as safe as possible, and if you would like more info on anything featured then feel free to get in touch!