The Arai Chaser-X is a sports riding helmet designed for track and road use offering the strength and protection of Arai's top line RX-7V race helmet but with the comfort and quietness of a touring helmet and at a more affordable price point.

Chaser-X is the third Arai helmet that makes use of the new VAS (variable Axis System) technology that offers a significant larger and smoother shell area above the SNELL test line greatly improving the important helmet glancing off performance dispersing the energy generated in the crash rather than sending it directly to the wearer’s head. The VAS visor system features smaller side pods and the new easier visor change system. 

The Chaser-X makes use of an also completely new ventilation system derived from the RX-7V, instantly recognizable by the large, single intake duct on top of the helmet with it's low profile, reduces drag.  This Top Ventilation System is derived from the RX-7V diffuser system. Aerodynamics are improved in the riding position thanks to the side pods being smaller and lower and also due to a lower rear wing.

The replaceable interior is lined with an anti-microbial fabric. The Chaser-X features FCS (Facial Contour System) and a fixed, non-retractable mini chin cover. The chin vent is also new, while the Formula One developed visor lock system is the same as used on the RX-7V. The visor itself is Max Vision and there's an anti-fog pinlock included in the box.

With plenty of ventilation comes the problem of wind noise. Arai have tackled this obstacle by adding a sound deadening chin curtain. There's a 3mm longer chin bar, that not only reduces sound, but improves the fit of the helmet too. Very similar to the RX 7V and QV Pro but with a slightly smaller chin vent.

The skull cap technology has been redesigned and the eco-pure interior is fully removable. The cheek pads feature communication system speaker pockets for better comfort and as with all Arai helmets, there's a five year warranty.

All Chaser-X helmets come with a standard Max Vision visor with a Pinlock inlay lens separately packed in the box


  • Genuine UK Arai helmet
  • Five year Arai warranty PB (Peripherally Belted) Super fibre shell
  • Quick-change VAS-V Max Vision visor with anti-fog Pinlock 120 lens
  • Pinlock included
  • F1-style visor locking system
  • 7-Hole top ventilation with new shutter system
  • Quiet & efficient airflow
  • Higher aero-optimised speed
  • 3mm longer chin bar
  • Sound-deadening removable chin curtain ready
  • Fully customisable anti-bacterial interior
  • All removable interior
  • Communication system speaker pockets in cheek pads
  • Double D-ring retention system
  • ECE22-05 Certified

*All helmets come with a clear visor as standard*

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