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Brake disc lock GRANIT™ Detecto SmartX 8078 – BLUE



Storage space is a rare commodity on a motorbike or scooter and yet it always needs securing against theft and unauthorised use. Which is the best sort of lock for a motorcyclist to carry for normal use? Brake disc locks are a practical solution for many motorbikes. They are very compact, light and thus easy to transport.

Brake disc lock GRANIT™ Detecto SmartX 8078


  • 13,5 mm steel bolt
  • SmartX locking system with Bluetooth 3.0 – High quality, keyless locking system offers user-friendly operation
  • USB-C port
  • Connection to ABUS App
  • Memorizes the last parking of the motorbike
  • Alarm of at least 100 dB
  • Alarm function on basis of the ABUS 3D detection system that means, that every movement is detected
  • The bolt, the lock body as well as supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of special hardened steel
  • Lock can be transported in locked condition without activating the detection system thanks to automatic brake disc recognition system
  • A multi colour LED and different acoustic signals inform about battery, activation and alarm status