Price: £7,699

  • Bike Type: 125
  • Engine Size: cc
  • Fuel Capacity: l
  • Model Year: 2024
  • Weight: 135
  • Seat Height: 785 mm
  • Max Power Output: 12.1 Bhp
  • Max 9kw Brushless Electric Motor
  • Zero Emission
  • E-Boost Function
  • Storage Box
  • TFT Dash
  • Road/ECO Modes
  • No Clutch Operation
  • Disc Brakes with ABS
  • Regenerative System
  • Dual removable lithium-ion batteries
  • Walk Mode With Reverse
  • All bikes subject to a £99 Prep Fee
  • P&H Service loyalty Scheme
  • Nationwide Delivery Available (Please ask for a quote)
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  • Metallic Bright Silver / Metallic Matte Lime Green Metallic Bright Silver / Metallic Matte Lime Green

Finding pleasure in your daily commute.

Kawasaki offers electrified excitement with its new pure EV motorcycles.

Charge your day with Z e-1

e-boost Function

With e-boost, riders can access increased power for approximately 15 seconds. When activated, acceleration is stronger and top speed is increased: 64 km/h >> 75 km/h (ECO), 88 km/h >> 99 km/h* (ROAD). [62 km/h >> 72 km/h (ECO), 85 km/h >> 99 km/h* km/h (ROAD) for Z e-1]

Convenient Storage Box

Lifting the storage box cover reveals 5 litres of easy-access space for small items like gloves or rain gear. (Max 3 kg)

TFT Colour Instrumentation

4.3” all-digital TFT colour instrumentation gives the cockpit a high-tech, high-grade appearance, while being able to connect to your ride wirelessly offers an enhanced motorcycling experience.

No-Clutch Operation

Having no clutch to operate—riders need only twist the throttle—greatly simplifies operation and contributes to a rider-friendly package.


In addition to normal operation (ROAD), riders may also choose speed-limited operation (ECO). Top speed in ROAD Mode is 88 km/h (85 km/h for Z e-1), while top speed in ECO Mode is limited to 64 km/h (62 km/h for Z e-1).

Confident Handling

Although the Ninja e-1 is primarily s commuter model, Kawasaki engineers worked hard to ensure that they offered the riding excitement for which Kawasaki motorcycles are famous.

A carefully crafted balance of confident handling and light manoeuvrability will have even new riders looking forward to their daily commute.

Disc Brakes with ABS

Front and rear disc brakes provide sure stopping performance, while ABS adds a measure of reassurance.

Regenerative System

Thanks to the regenerative system, when the rider rolls off the throttle the energy of deceleration is recycled back to the battery. This contributes to a longer cruising range.

Light Weight

At only 140 kg and 135 kg respectively, the light weight of the Ninja and Z e-1 contributes to a rider-friendly package.

Electric Power

Kawasaki’s first roadgoing EVs are powered by a compact brushless electric motor offering strong off-the-line acceleration and low-end response.

Rider-selectable power levels contribute to rider confidence, while unique EV features like e-boost and WALK Mode add to the fun experience.

The rider-friendly electric motor is also clean and quiet.

Dual Removable Batteries

The Ninja e-1 features dual removable lithium-ion batteries. Multiple charging options add flexibility for minimal added inconvenience to your daily routine.

Dual lithium-ion batteries weigh 11.5 kg each. Offboard charging* can be done by connecting the bike to a dedicated charger powered by a household outlet. Alternatively, the batteries can be removed and charged. Charging time per battery is approximately 3.7 hours for a full charge, 1.6 hours for a partial (20% >> 85%) charge.

*Offboard charging refers to charging systems not native to the vehicle itself. Since the battery charger (which takes AC power and converts it to the DC power needed to charge the batteries) is located outside the bike, this is an example of offboard charging.

Max 9.0 kW (12 PS) Brushless Electric Motor

Rated at 5.0 kW (9.0 kW max), the clean and quiet motor produces quick response and strong low-end power, facilitating control and contributing to quick acceleration from a stop.

WALK Mode (with Reverse)

This convenient mode assists with manoeuvring in a parking lot. When engaged, opening the throttle moves the bike forward at walking speed. Closing the throttle past the “zero” point moves the bike in reverse.

Zero Emissions