1x Biodegradable Bike Cleaner (1 Ltr)

1x Split Second Detailer Wax (500ml)

1x Luxury Microfibre Cloth

1x Soft Washing Brush

1x Claw Brush

Kit contents:

1x Bike Spray (500ml)

1x Detailing Brush

1x Two Prong Brush

1x Large Microcell Sponge

1x Heavy Duty Parts Washer/Storage Tool Box

Directions for use:

Congratulations on choosing our Ultimate Motorcycle Care Kit! Follow this simple to use guide to bike care heaven!

By regularly looking after your bike using premium formulations and equipment your bike will not only look better and be easier to clean, but parts such as the chain and sprockets will last longer and not to mention your bike will look better than ever!!

Ok lets make a start. Position your bike ideally in a paddock stand or centre stand making sure you can easily rotate the rear wheel. Please ensure you have access to a hose or a portable pressure washer such as a Mobi washer ( You only need a low water pressure to clean a motorcycle so do not use a high pressure washer otherwise you could damage vital seals and components.

Step 1: Spray Muc-Off bike cleaner over the whole bike & leave for 3 to 5 minutes. Our Degreaser and Chain Doc cleaning device can also be used to eliminate built-up oil, grease and grime on drive chain (these products are available separately).

Step 2: Agitate stubborn grime using the most appropriate brush on each area of your bike or use the sponge and then rinse off thoroughly with fresh water. Tech Tip: Fill the kit box with water to rinse the brushes/sponge during use.

Step 3: Apply Bike Spray treatment onto metal parts such as the frame, engine, components and all areas of the drive chain to dispel excess water, lubricate and protect. WARNING: Do not apply to braking areas such as pads or discs. You can now use our Disc Brake Cleaner and Chain Lube if required (available separately).

Step 4: Now apply the split second detailer wax to all plastic areas. This product is formulated to be sprayed either onto wet surfaces or can be used in

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