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The Keis S302 Heated Socks are the ideal way to keep your feet warm when out in cold weather. They’re available in a range of sizes and are designed to be worn in between a pair of normal socks and your existing footwear… i.e. Over-socks heated booties.

Size Chart:

XS/S = UK 4/6
M/L = UK 7/9
XL/XXL = UK 10+


What’s included with these heated insoles?

  • Keis S302 Heated Socks
  • Vehicle Power Supply Lead (Heavy-duty and lightweight heat controller not included.)
  • Y-leads, which allows the user to run power from the power source plug down each leg to the Keis Heated Socks.

Important considerations

  • These should not be worn over bare feet. Rather between the user’s socked feet and exterior boots.
  • Keis Heated Socks must be used with waterproof boots, if they are to be used in wet weather or damp conditions.

An optional Keis Light-weight Heat Controller (not supplied) can be connected to the S302 Heated Socks power lead to change the heat setting from high, medium and low, and to switch the garment off.

Keis Apparel are designed to be reliable and durable, so much so that you can safely wash your heated garment. All Keis heating elements enjoy a Lifetime Warranty.

  • Micro Alloy Element Technology for extreme comfort and reliability.
  • Flexible 12v Dual-Power for use anywhere anytime, as this product can be powered from a vehicle power lead (supplied) or a Keis portable battery (optional).
  • Complete with vehicle power lead.
  • Current Draw 0.6A (pair). Typical Power 8W.

Connecting the supplied motorcycle power lead is quick and easy.

Powering your Keis Heated Socks from the supplied motorcycle power lead.

Alternatively, power your Keis Heated Socks from the Keis Heated Trousers.