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The GT Air has been rigorously tested in Shoei’s wind tunnel facility to give you the high performance and protection that you need in a motorcycle helmet.

Made with a multi-composite and organic fibre construction layered for optimum shock absorption and rigidity. A multiple density EPS foam lining provides padding for even greater impact absorption. This means you can trust this helmet to keep you protected in a scrape.

The multiple inlet and outlet vents are designed to increase clean airflow keeping you cool and comfortable even when the temperature rises. The internal cheek pads come in various sizes so that you can find a personalised fit comfortable for you.

The GT Air also has a built-in sun visor that has been approved to the European standard for sunglasses. This means you have the convenience of not needing to swap out visors when the sun gets too bright and you can ride comfortably without glare and distortion.

For a helmet that gives cutting edge protection, performance and comfort you won’t go wrong with the Shoei GT Air.


  • Constructed from multi-composite and organic fibre that is layered for high shock absorption
  • 3 Different shell sizes
  • Multiple density EPS foam lining
  • Shoei’s patented Emergency Quick Release System for easy removal in the event of an accident
  • Multiple inlet and outlet vents to increase airflow
  • Ear padding that is designed to reduce noise
  • Removable interior with multiple sized cheek pads for a personalised fit
  • Washable interior centre pad, cheek pads and chin strap
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