Premium to the extreme, the Ghost-S is fully equipped for your most intense adventures. With multi-hour battery life and a two-way remote control (included, by the way - no tricks here), the Ghost-S might just outlast its companion (you). Now you can hit those longer treks you've always imagined taking. 

The name wasn't an accident. The Ghost-S can see everything, thanks to it's 360 degree rotating lens and LCD viewfinder screen. Being waterproof doesn't hurt. Plus, all video comes in at an amazing 1080/60fps, so you won't miss a single moment.

The Ghost-S keeps things rolling in Car DVR mode, which records new content over old video automatically, in real time. And video tagging turns passive recording in to archive footage with one tap.

The Good Stuff:

3.5 hours battery life

Sony CMOS sensor

7-element aspherical lens technology

1080 at 60fps

12mp stills

High-quality low light performance

2" Corning Gorilla Glss scratch-resistant LCD screen

Waterproof to 3 meters 



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