Motorcycle Clothing

The right kit can make or break a ride – no one wants to be caught out in the rain with no protection, nor would you want to be wearing thermals in the middle of summer! Whether you’re looking for a touring jacket, or a suit for your race season we’ve got you covered. We offer free delivery on all UK orders over £50 and our huge range of motorcycle clothing brands means there’s something for everyone! From Alpinestars to RST, no matter what your taste or budget you’ll find something to suit on P&H Store!

Motorcycle Helmets

motorbike helmet

We have a huge selection of motorcycle helmets available from all the best brand

Motorcycle Jackets

motorbike jacket

Great range of leather and textile motorbike jackets.

Motorcycle Trousers

motorbike trousers

Leather & textile motorcycle trousers for all types of weather conditions

Motorcycle Ladies

ladies motorbike clothing

Jackets, trousers, gloves and boots, stylishly designed for women for comfort and protection

Motorcycle Suits

motorbike racing suit

One-piece and two-piece leather motorcycle suits for ultimate protection on the road and track

Motorcycle Gloves

motorbike glove

Stylish and durable gloves designed for comfort and protection

Motorcycle Boots

motorbike boot

Mens motorcycle boots for comfort and protection, from big brands

Base Layers

motorbike base layer

Base layers for all seasons to keep you cool or warm

Motorbike clothing accessories

motorbike accessory watch

From bags to watches, essential accessories to add to your motorbike gear

Motorbike Protection

motorbike protection gear

Stand-alone and insert protectors for back, chest & limbs

Motorcycle Jeans

motorbike jeans

Protective Aramid Fibre and Kevlar jeans

Motorcycle Casual

motorbike casual wear

Look great on and off the bike in our range of casual clothing

Rain Wear

motorbike off-road gear

Over jackets & trousers to keep you dry in wet weather conditions

Heated Clothing & Accessories

motorbike off-road gear

Cold hands and body is a thing of the past with these heated motorcycle products from Keis & more

Kids Clothing

motorbike off-road gear

Motorcycle clothing for younger riders and passengers

Care Products

motorbike off-road gear

Prolong the life of your motorcycle kit with these clothing & helmet care products