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Suzuki GSX-S125

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Price £4,274.00✝︎


  Bike Type: 125

  Engine Size: 124cc

  Fuel Capacity: 11l

  Model Year: 2020

  Kerb Weight: 133kg

  Seat Height: 785mm

  Max Power: 11kW

  • Sport Engine
  • High Horsepower and Generous Torque
  • Advanced Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Shutter-Key Lock System
  • Suzuki Easy Start System
  • 3 year warranty


3 Colours :-

  • Metallic Matt Fibroin grey / Solid Black 50% Gloss (BW4)
  • Pearl Brilliant White (YUH)
  • Metallic Triton Blue (YSF)




Meet the new lightweight king of the streets, the Suzuki GSX-S125. It has the best power-to-weight ratio and acceleration in the 125cc street sport class.


A dependable, comfortable, nimble motorcycle that also delivers genuine Suzuki high-performance. It is made to handle city traffic jams while commuting to work during the week. And it is also an exciting motorcycle ready for fun rides into the countryside or even a track ride on weekends.


There is a science to building high-performance engines and the GSX-S125’s single cylinder, liquid cooled, DOHC (Double Over Head Cam) is a perfect example of how to make a lot of power out of a very efficient and compact power plant. This power combines with strong torque and exceptional fuel economy, to create an engine worthy of the GSX-S marque, it powers the GSX-S to great performance on the streets and a lot more.


The chassis design of the GSX-S125 is light and compact, giving the rider ultimate control on the streets for a fast and agile ride. For a street bike low weight is key, this helps deliver a bike with responsive and rewarding handling as well as added confidence on the street.


The GSX-S125 has exciting, aggressive style that transforms it into a rolling work of motorcycle art. It starts at the front with a modern headlight cowl and instrument module, and continues with a sculpted fuel tank and extended upper side cowlings, plus a lower engine cowling. The tail section and side panels extend forward and reach underneath the fuel tank, unifying the design.


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