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    Price £9,199.00✝︎


      Bike Type: Naked

      Engine Size: 889cc

    fuel   Fuel Capacity: 14l

      Model Year: 2021

    weight   Kerb Weight: 169 (Dry)kg

      Seat Height: 820mm

      Max Power: 85kw

    • LED headlight
    • LED strips that function as daytime running lights
    • LED taillight
    • Multicolor, light variable TFT dashboard
    • Four ride modes, namely: SPORT MODE, STREET MODE,RAIN MODE, TRACK MODE
    • lean-angle sensitive Cornering MTC (Cornering Motorcycle Traction control)
    • SAVE £250
    • Subject to availability



    Only Orange left now !!

    **Subject to available stock so be quick**

    The Tech Pack from KTM Includes :- Track Pack, Quickshifter + and MSR

    AND SAVE £450 !!!!


    The KTM 890 DUKE redefines the word ‘sharp’ by adding an extra edge. Powered by an 889 cc parallel-twin nestled into one of the lightest and most compact chassis around, the KTM 890 DUKE boasts the agility you’d expect from a 600 cc but with the meaty punch of a bigger twin. It doesn’t rewrite the mid-sized naked bike rule book. It obliterates it.

    The incredible handling characteristics of the KTM 890 DUKE are founded on the dynamic, loadbearing design of the tubular chassis. Engineers had one goal in mind, and that was to keep the chassis as rigid and compact as possible for sharper turn-in and greater lean angles, allowing it to slice through the turns with extreme responsiveness.

    The subframe is cast aluminum and houses the airbox. No plastic covers, no additional brackets – everything is cast into two connected pieces to reduce complexity and weight. The triangular shapes in the subframe allow for a stronger, stiffer construction.

    The KTM 890 DUKE boasts a WP suspension package which has been specifically developed to get the most of the power output and handling characteristics, with a dedicated factory setting, new springs, and additional basevalve fittings in the front fork.

    A set of WP APEX 43mm open cartridge upside-down forks take care of things up front, making use of split function technology. The front fork also adopts new linear springs which are not only lighter but also guarantee a more intuitive feel, while the added base valve improves high-speed damping.

    The KTM 890 DUKE features a unique LED headlight with styling cues taken from THE BEAST itself. This high-performance LED headlight is flanked by two LED strips that function as daytime running lights, ensuring maximum illumination and attention. An LED taillight is also mounted to the KTM 890 DUKE – which will be seen the most by those you overtake.

    Like all pilots, DUKE riders need easy access to information. In that regard, the KTM 890 DUKE features an intuitive multicolor, light variable TFT dashboard. Best of all, as the revs rise, the display bars change color to indicate when to shift, either spurring you on or warning you that the engine is too still cold for flat-out backroad attacks.

    Riders can choose from four ride modes, namely: SPORT MODE for more aggressive riding, STREET MODE for comfortable urban riding, RAIN MODE for when things get a little slippery, and the optional ultimate attack mode – TRACK MODE. This gives KTM 890 DUKE pilots full power output, the ability to dial down the traction control, smooth out the throttle, and switch off the anti-wheelie for rear wheel antics.

    The KTM 890 DUKE boasts a collection of advanced electronic wizardry which rivals some top-end sportbikes. Most crucially, is lean-angle sensitive Cornering MTC (Cornering Motorcycle Traction control), which reduces engine output at the faintest hint of wheel slip. This is done in an extremely smooth, barely perceptible interference allowing the rider to simply get on with the ride with complete confidence. Depending on the selected ride mode, Cornering MTC also allows for several levels of traction slip at the rear wheel for more spirited riding styles. And for the daredevils, we give you: the off-switch!