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Kawasaki Ninja 400

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Price £5,698.00✝︎

£88.80 per month


  Bike Type: Sports

  Engine Size: 399cc

  Fuel Capacity: 14l

  Model Year: 2020

  Kerb Weight: 168kg

  Seat Height: 785mm

  Max Power: 33.4 kW

  • Ergo Fit
  • ABS
  • Assist and slipper clutch
  • Economical riding indicator

Finance Examples

Price on the road£5,698.00
Customer deposit£650.00
Grand total£6,423.80
1st Installment£88.80
35 Monthly payments£88.80
Duration of agreement37 months
Rate (fixed)%
ProviderKawasaki Finance
Terms & ConditionsBased on 5,000 miles per annum. Excess mileage charge of 7.2p per mile will apply.


Kawasaki proudly introduces a new sport model into this highly competitive arena. Clad in sharp Ninja styling, the Ninja 400 delivers greater performance than its predecessor care of all-new engine and chassis that are more powerful and significantly lighter. But like the Ninja 300 that preceded it, this new Ninja model possesses much more than high performance. Not only does the Ninja
400 offer stunning, high-quality looks, its stronger engine performance, light, predictable handling and relaxed, sporty riding position make it both fun and easy to ride.

The Ninja 400’s 399 cm3 engine delivers a balance of performance and controllability.  The engine offers increased performance at all rpm compared to its predecessor, with good power feeling.  Smooth, predictable response contributes to an easy-to-control engine character.

Powerful, Rider-Friendly Parallel Twin 

Displacing 399 cm3, the engine delivers significantly increased performance compared to its predecessor while keeping it within the A2 limit of 35kW. The higher performance can largely be credited to the downdraft intake, which is accompanied by a larger airbox offering increased intake efficiency. The increased performance is complemented by a rider-friendly character; the smooth response and abundant low-end torque facilitate throttle control for and experienced riders alike.

Compact, Lightweight & Efficient

Designing the engine from scratch allowed the engine layout to be optimised for size, weight and efficiency.  The unit is comparable in size to that of the 2013-2016 Ninja 250.  Numerous weight reduction efforts keep weight to a minimum – despite a larger displacement.  A clean design trimmed of any unnecessary items, and a revamped layout enable a slim engine and a cooling system with minimised external piping.

Light and Cool

New Assist & Slipper Clutch 
More compact clutch (?139 mm >> ?125 mm) with less rigid operating plates offers a 20% lighter lever pull. Complementing the extremely light feel at the lever, the clutch has a wider engagement range, facilitating control.
New Radiator Fan Cover
A cover for the radiator fan directs engine heat away from the rider, contributing to rider comfort.  With the design, hot air is now mostly routed out to the sides (through holes in the fairing).

Lightweight Trellis Frame

The Ninja 400 features a trellis frame similar in design to that of the Ninja H2.  Kawasaki’s advanced dynamic rigidity analysis was used to ensure optimum rigidity with light weight.  The engine is rigid-mounted and used as a stressed member.  The frame design contributes significantly to the bike’s low curb mass.

Wheels and Brakes

Front Brake
Measuring ?310 mm (the same disc size used on the ZZR 1400), the Ninja 400’s semi-floating front disc offers sure stopping power. A rigid front brake master cylinder helps eliminate ineffective (idle) stroke, contributing to controllability, while carefully selected brake hose dimensions and material contribute to brake touch. The Ninja 400 features the latest ABS unit from Nissin, the most compact and lightweight available.

Rear Brake
The rear a ?220 mm petal disc is slowed by a dual-piston caliper with large pistons.

Stylish star-pattern 5-spoke wheels similar to those of the Ninja 650 contribute to light weight, while their optimised lateral rigidity benefits handling, adding to cornering stability.

Front and Rear Suspension

Front Fork
Thanks to the increased rigidity of the bigger fork, the front fender brace could be eliminated, saving weight.
Steeper caster angle contributes to light, nimble handling.
Rear Shock
Revised linkage ratios and rear suspension settings contribute to the high-quality ride feel.
5-way preload adjustability lets riders adjust the stiffness and ride height to suit body weight or when riding two-up.  The shock is easily adjustable with the on-board tool kit.


Relaxed, Sporty Riding Position 
Relaxed rider triangle accommodates a wide range of rider sizes and riding situations. The elevated handle position and slightly foot-forward footpeg position put the rider in a position to control the bike while also offering rider comfort.
Easy Reach to the Ground
While seat height is 786 mm, the slim design of both the seat and the rear of the engine gives riders an unobstructed line for their feet to reach the ground.
Superb Ride Comfort & Excellent Wind Protection 
Low vibration and seats with thick cushioning and low-rebound urethane contribute to superb ride comfort. The Ninja 400’s larger-volume bodywork also offers great wind protection, further contributing to ride comfort.


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