Compulsory Basic Training – CBT

The Compulsory Basic Training  course, or CBT as it’s known, is designed to get you off to the right start on your motorcycling career, and helps prepare you for the practical motorcycle test. You don’t need to take a theory test before completing a CBT. Our course has a maximum of two students to one instructor (other schools offer 3:1 or even 4:1 which drastically reduces the quality & safety of the tuition).

Getting Started

If you’ve never ridden a motorbike or scooter before (especially clutch & gears) you may wish to consider a New Rider Course. These are 60 or 90 minute sessions on a one-to-one basis with a qualified instructor. There is no pressure from other learners and no obligation to take on further training if you discover that biking isn’t for you.

CBT Format

The course will take at least one full day and consists of five modules. Download a typical CBT timetable here if you are interested in an in-depth description of the course. Don’t worry if your training requires extra days. Everyone is different and we will be more than happy to help you through to completion. There is a reduced charged for additional days required to complete your training if you are unable to finish it in one day.

Bikes you can ride

The type and size of bike that you will be permitted to ride after completing the CBT will depend on your age.

Age Bike
16 years old 50cc moped only
17+ years old Any 125cc motorcycle

The certificate allows you to ride either automatic or manual machines, regardless of the type of bike that you used on your training.

Many scooters and 125cc motorcycles are efficient, affordable and often available on excellent finance packages. Find out what leaner machines we have available.

You can read more about Compulsory Basic Training on government webpages.