Feel its time to learn Advanced Riding Techniques?
Why spend all your money on your bike?
It is amazing the amount of money that is spent on motorcycles making them look better, go faster and stop quicker.
Doing an Advanced Motorcycle Training course with one of our R.P.M.T.* approved Instructors will help you achieve all of these and will cost you a lot less whilst gaining up to 17% discount from all the leading bike insurers in the UK.

Enhanced Rider Training with ART Motorcycle Training

Advanced Riding Techniques is all about getting the most from your riding and your machine. You can take this accessory from motorcycle to motorcycle and it won’t depreciate in price.

With advanced motorcycle training you will:

  • Increase your riding skills and abilities
  • Learn to avoid unexpected situations
  • Be safer and more vigilant
  • Learn to ride smoother, faster but safer
  • Gain greater control of your motorcycle

If you decide an advanced motorcycle training course is for you, then you will learn a valuable insight from the experience of others. Rest assured that you will enjoy your time with us and you could also reap the additional benefits such as more favourable insurance discounts, You can gain skills and knowledge from veterans in the business that will help in many ways you never thought possible.
Extra’s to help you on your way:

As an optional extra, some of our Instructor bikes come with onboard video systems. They can follow you on your training and record exactly what you are doing. At the end of the session you can play back the footage, this will enable you to see exactly which areas of your riding needs to be improved upon. When booking you course, please ask for further details.

The Advanced Motorcycle Training Course

The one training course starts at 9.00am to 4.00pm. The day will begin with some theory and a chat to establish your individual needs, so that the course can be tailored around you. This enables you and your instructor to establish the aims & goals of the day.

All of our Advanced instructors are applying for the D.S.A, R.P.M.T (Register of Post licence Motorcycle Trainers , which is voluntary until 2008, or have either a R.o.S.P.A. diploma in advanced motorcycle instruction or a holder of a Police Class 1 Advanced Motorcycle Certificate. All roadwork will be carried out in line with R.o.S.P.A. advanced drivers association standards and upon completing the training successfully, we will prompt you to take the R.o.S.P.A. test.

This is assessed by a police officer. When you pass you can be confident that you have one of the highest motorcycle qualifications available and one which could also entitle you to an insurance premium reduction and one day save your life. Both ART Motorcycle Training and P&H Motorcycles work closely with the M.C.I.A (Motorcycle Industry Association) and have featured on both the M.C.I.A DVD’s, A Street and Track an Open Road and ‘Get the message act your age’

* R.P.M.T. (Register of Post Licence Motorcycle Trainers)