If you are a serious track day rider, you will no doubt be excited about the arrival of Yamaha's new R1, which is lighter and more powerful than its predecessor. 

This latest model boasts 200hp – the original had 182hp – and weighs just 199kg wet, some 7kg less than before.

It is a serious limited edition bike that was never designed for mass consumption, but the makers are clearly keen to drum up excitement about this latest machine among hardcore racing fans. 

According to Motorcyclenews.com, they've done the job. The website describes the new R1 as “an unashamedly aggressive, angry, fighty race-focussed superbike”. 

It was designed to feel and look like the 2011 YZR-M1 MotoGP bike, and it shares an identical face, engine and riding position. 

There are plenty of tech features to help make the ride exciting but as safe as possible, including launch and traction control, anti-lift, plus different power modes to suit your mood, not forgetting the quick-shifter.   

In keeping with the desire to mimic MotoGP bikes, this machine is fitted with Yamaha's Slide Control System, which was developed and used on Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo's machines in 2012. 

The R1 will set you back £14,999, or you could opt for the special edition R1M, which costs £18,499. The R1M is so sought after however, that all 75 bikes produced this year for the UK market have already been sold. 

Anyone lucky enough to own one also has the opportunity to attend an exclusive track event to try out their new machine. The Yamaha Racing Experience is an event open only to European owners of the R1M and will take place at four racing circuits – Mugello, Spa, Brno and Nürburgring.  

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