If you had to choose only one motorbike to ride for the rest of your life, what would it be?
We asked friends on Facebook and staff here at P&H motorcycles the same questions and here are the results:
We also have some more unusual choices including:

Your view matters

Manx Norton 1961

1961 NORTON “MANX”. Although eleven years separated the 1961 model “Manx” Norton from the first “Featherbed” type made in 1950, the basic design was almost unchanged except in detail. Instead of being bolted on, the rear sub-frame was welded to the main frame, a modification introduced in 1952, and the fancy tail fairing used in 1950 lasted only a year… Read More

Picture credits – http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/norton/norton%20manx.htm

Manx Norton - Photo courtesy of http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za


10 Britten motorcycles were made from scratch by a handful of New Zealand enthusiasts following the dream of John Britten. In the early 1990’s these were probably the fastest 4-stroke motorcycles in the world, able to do wheelstands at 150mph… Read More

Picture credit – http://www.motosolvang.com/bike_pages/1995_Briiten_V1000.htm

1995 Britten V1000 - Photo courtesy of motosolvang.com

The Batpod

1:1 replica of Batman’s motorcycle(Batpod) is equipped with a 650cc 4 stroke water cooled engine with direct port nitrous injection and tires that are 508 mm across. Price is set to $100,000 and it is completely hand fabricated with cannons and machine guns just like original one… Read More

Picture credit – http://www.cars-show.org/motorcycles/batpod-batman%E2%80%99s-motorcycle-replica.html

Batpod - Photos courtesy of http://www.cars-show.org/

BSA 350

Another Steve Tonkin restoration, this one started life as a 1956 350 but was rebuilt as a 500 in 2001 during a full restoration which incorporated a roller bearing crankshaft, belt primary drive/clutch, five-speed gearbox and Amal Concentric Mk2 carb… Read More

Picture credit http://www.realclassic.co.uk/bsagoldstardbd34.html

BSA 350 - Picture courtesy of http://www.realclassic.co.uk
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