Now that summer is just around the corner, we want to help you prep your motorcycle with our Ultimate Guide to Summer Riding!

If your bike has been hiding away in your garage over the winter months, the time has come to brush off the cobwebs and dust off your kit and get down to some summer riding now the warmer weather is here.

Unsure how to prep your bike? We’re here to help you get your bike and kit in tip top condition, with our pick of the best clothing, parts and accessories for summer 2016.

The top 5 motorcycles recommended by our staff!


Here are our top pieces of summer kit that has been recommended by our Clothing team…

Men’s Jacket – Dainese Super Speed Jacket

Dainese super speed jacket

Due to the textile and mesh features this is the perfect summer jacket.  When designing this piece of kit, Dainese didn’t compromise on key features as the jacket boasts the same technology as found in the Dainese’s pro-level race suits. What makes this jacket so great? It combines a comfortable fit with a sporty look at a great price!



Ladies jacket – Dainese Hydra flux D-Dry

Dainese Hydra flux D-Dry ladies

The diversity of this ladies jacket makes it the perfect addition to your wardrobe for spring, summer and autumn. As we know the British weather can be pretty unpredictable and finding a jacket that can cater for both warm weather and sudden down pours can be tricky. Luckily this jacket has big mesh panels and a removable waterproof D-Dry membrane, which makes is great for all weather conditions. The jacket also boasts removable elbow and shoulder protectors and a pocket to house a Dainese G1 or G2 back protector. Why do we love this jacket? It’s lightweight, versatile and has unbeatable protection.



Men’s Jacket – Dainese New Drake Air Pants


Thank you Dainese! The New Drake Air Pants boasts a full 750D textile construction with mesh vents, elasticated inserts and CE rated knee armour. These are the perfect trousers for both multi-season and touring-sports riders. The flip up vents are a great feature for those riding in the summer months but are easily closed when the temperature starts to drop. Comfort…tick, protection…tick, multi-season…tick, looks great…tick!



Ladies pants

womans slix draggin

Good ladies summer pants seem to be limited in the market which is a massive shame, but Draggin or Dainese jeans are a great alternative. If a pant is what you looking for then the Dainese Over Flux D-Dry, could be ideal. They are commonly found in the men’s department but are very popular with ladies and are a great trouser for £164.99.


Men’s and ladies Jeans – Draggin Jeans


draggin jeans

Why are Draggin jeans some of the best on the market? Well, let me explain. They have been manufacturing high quality motorcycle jeans for nearly 20 years and the ONLY causal motorcycle clothing brand to pass CE Level 1 and CE Level 2 certifications for abrasion, burst and tear resistance.

The magic happens in the lining, each pair are lined with revolutionary fibre technology consisting of DuPont™ KEVLAR® at the core and soft and breathable lining, which makes them ultra-flexible. They are also non-allergenic.

OK so we understand Draggin are great but hear this… they literally put their arses on the line to make sure this product is the best it can be! When testing the jeans they strap a guy to the back of a motorcycle and drag him along the road… hence the name ‘Draggin’. If you don’t believe me check out this video.

Have we won you over yet? We have a huge range of both mens and ladies Draggin jeans instore ready for you to try out!  Prices start from £124.99 for men’s and £129.99 for ladies.



Men’s Dainese Air Mig Gloves


Taking your bike on a well-earned holiday? Well these gloves are perfect for riding in very hot conditions. Their fantastic mesh features are the star of the show, allowing full ventilation.  The palms are made from reinforced goatskin and the mesh knuckles pads also have leather touches. The Air Mig Gloves are the height of comfort due to curved fingers, adjustment straps and the high quality finish. To round up, these are the go-to gloves for bikers who enjoy comfort when riding in a hot climates!



Ladies Alpinestars Stella SMX Carbon Gloves


Hate that hot sticky feeling in your gloves when riding in the summer? Well this could be the answer. The Stella SMX Carbon Gloves are one of Alpinestars most popular summer riding gloves due to their affordable price and fantastic features including carbon fibre knuckles, abrasion-resistant synthetic suede and TPR inserts. These features enable air to flow perfectly through the gloves to keep your hands fresh. We give these a cool high five!



Hi Vis – Dainese Gilet Hi Vis Pro Yel


An essential piece of kit. In many countries it’s a requirement to wear high visibility clothing so this could be the perfect hi vis gilet for your summer riding adventures!



Parts – Getting from A to B

If you have planned a summer adventure, here are the must-have parts and accessories to get you from A to B…

Garmin Sat Nav, Zumo 345 Western European- £310.00

Garmin Sat Nav, Zumo 395 Complete Europe – £399.99

TomTom rider 400, Lifetime maps and covers large range of European countries – £319.99

Oxford tank bag. Starts from £64.99

Oxford Side throw over pannier. Starts from £99.99

Oxford Dry Bag Aqua in three different sizes 30, 50 & 70. Starts from £49.99

Kriega rucksack. From £79.00

Gear Gremlin Puncher Repair Kit – £23.99 * Staff favourite!

Oxford Tyre Pressure Gauge both analogue and digital – £19.99 * Staff favourite!

Happy bike, happy ride!

Getting your motorcycle ready for the warm summer months should be high on the agenda. Most of us neglect our bikes when the cold winter weather sets in, so making sure you are fully prepped is important.

We would recommend booking your bike in for a either a service or a summer check (price given on enquiry), this way you can ride with confidence.

If you’re a keen home mechanic we would suggest changing the oil and filters, checking nuts and bolts, fresh fluid and lubricants and inspecting all moving parts.

If you have any questions or if you would like to book your bike in for a summer check please call 01293 413300 opt 4.


Advice from the pros

“The best advice I can give for riding or touring in the summer has to be base layers. I use the Dainese D-core top and bottom. With the layers being so thin it means they are easy to wash and dry which if you go camping like I do then this is a massive advantage. They also don’t take up a lot of room which is at a premium on a motorbike.”

James Down, clothing assistant and long distance riding junkie


“Check tyre pressure at the start of each ride out, nothing worse than being caught with a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere. Also be aware of unusual road surfaces when travelling abroad such as sandy or dusty locations and adjust your riding accordingly!”

Graham Cole and Elle Brown, Marketing team and both commuters


“I invest in a fresh pair of tyres at the start of summer or before a long journey on my bike. Make sure they are worn in (100 dry miles or 150 wet miles) before your trip.”

Will Love, Sales Advisor


“Give your bike a once over. I would recommend summer check, that way you know your bike is in perfect condition. Also don’t ride outside your comfort zone in new places, take it easy and enjoy the ride!”

Mark Slade, Assistant Sales Manager

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