Here are our top tips to keeping your motorcycle safe!


1. Keep it covered –
Covering your bike is a great way to help stop temptation and can work as a great deterrent. We would recommend an Oxford Rainex Outdoor Cover, prices range from £44.90 to £54.98

2. Steering lock-
Your steering lock will initially scare off anyone looking for a quite grab and run opportunity. Your steering lock combined with a chain or a disc lock is the most effective way of keeping your motorcycle safe.

3. Lock it –
As mentioned above, locking your bike properly is crucial. Avoid placing your locks close to the ground, we don’t want to provide the thief with any extra leverage, it would also be idea to use more than one lock for extra security.

4. Invest your money well –
When it comes to security, you should ensure you’re using the correct locks and alarms for your motorcycle. Investing a little more into security will massive improve your chances of keeping your motorcycle safe. Disc locks, chains and alarms are highly recommended. Call our service team on 01293 413300 for a quote on alarm systems for your motorcycle.

5. Be creative –
Think outside the box when securing your motorcycle, some remove main fuse or wire up a kill-switch or spring-loaded switch that must be held down when the start button is depressed. Noise is also a deterrent, we have heard that attaching glass bottles to your motorcycle can work as the sound of glass smashing will create unwanted attention… however, we think this might be a little too creative!

6. Parking for professionals –
Park your motorcycle in a well-lit area and attach to something solid and stationary. There’s no harm in popping some security stickers on your motorcycle cover. Changing where you park your motorbike will stop thieves from learning your habits. When parking in a public car park avoid parking between two cars and staying near to security cameras will help keep your motorcycle safe.

7. Keep an eye on suspicious behaviour –
Have you noticed anyone following you home or any strangers asking suspicious questions about your motorcycle? If so report them to the police. Go with your gut, if you spot something unusual then don’t take the risk. Report it.

8. Make your mark –
Write your vehicle registration number and postcode on all parts of your bike with a permanent UV pen. This will make it a lot harder for the thief to sell the parts on to their unsuspecting customers.


Chains and disc locks recommended by our parts professionals :

Oxford hardcore chain 1.5M £79.99


Oxford Junior Disc Lock Mini £19.99



Oxford Quartz Disc Lock Chrome £31.99

Oxford Quartz Disc Lock Chrome

Abus Element Red Disc Lock 5mm £31.99

Abus Element Red Disc Lock 5mm

Abus Platinum Chain £100.99




Call our parts team on 01293 413300 option 3 for more information on security accessories.

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