The New Look P&H Motorcycles

Welcome to the new look P&H Motorcycles!

You may have noticed that our logo looks slightly different…well, we thought it was about to time to update our look to something modern and fresh.

We aim to give every customer the best experience possible and give you the shop you deserve, so you will notice the new look throughout the store, on our website and social media pages.

Life to the power of 2 – what does our new slogan mean? Owning a motorbike is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life. Twice as much fun on half as many wheels. We know how great biking is, not just because we sell bikes, but because we ride bikes too. Our staff are bikers just like you and we want every customer to leave the store feeling part of a community!

This isn’t just our store – it’s yours!

There’s more to this than just a fancy logo and strapline – this change is about being the best that we can be for our customers. We’re dedicated to exceptional customer service online and offline so over the next few months we’ll be working very hard to make your experience here the best. The best products. The best deals. The best experience.
Stay tuned for more updates on the blog. We’ll see you soon, and until then, Happy Biking!

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