Test Rider - The Best Job in the World!

Test Rider - The Best Job in the World!Road testers on motorcycle magazines tell us that it’s a tough job, with unsociable hours and lonesome miles in terrible weather but at this moment it could be the best job in the World!

With 2015 being the busiest ever for new models, there are plenty of all expenses trips to immaculate world class circuits to go round. As many of you know; P&H has a few good journo friends and they gave us the inside track to their trips this year….

First up there was the Ducati Scrambler launch in California, a duo of Kawasaki tests on rolling Spanish mountainsides, the run of Portimao for the Panigale 1299 test and then this week, a trip to Australia for the launch of the new Yamaha YZF-R1 and R1M. This latest excursion features two days of circuit testing at the ex GP circuit of Eastern Creek, with riders such as Josh Brookes showing the way around, followed by a ‘chill out day’ in the surrounding hills riding the new XJR models.

However our spies tell us that journalists have been biding their time, sandbagging and turning down trips to graciously give other testers from their own magazines a trip abroad. ‘Why would they do that?’ we asked…

Because, they replied, the BIG one is up last, the World launch of the most powerful production bike ever, the Kawasaki H2R (and H2) with 300bhp of supercharged madness on tap… at the Losail Circuit, Qatar.

Nice work if you can get it!

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