Marni at Lamberhurst

Marni at LamberhurstRace One

I finished in 3rd having someone chasing me the whole race and really putting some hard pressure on me. Although it was funny as it was the same boy who I battle with before my crash last week! This being my second race back and first race back at that club, I battled with him and got 3rd, with him one place behind me! It was an extremely close race but I held my position!

Race Two

Race two was a disaster. On the first corner the rider in front of me fell off and as I tried to ride around him, his bike then spun out and caught the front end of my bike which lead to me being thrown over the handlebars! I got up picked up the bike, started it and began to ride off feeling absolutely fine, I could hear a rubbing sound, and then noticed I had no front brake at all. The clutch had more pressure than my front brake did, I noticed this when I held it flat out towards a corner and didn’t have any brake to stop. I carried on for the rest of the lap and had to pull in, I then noticed my front disc had bent so badly that something bad could have happened and all of this damage was because of the crash i had at the beginning of the race. I didn’t finish the race and pulled in and got the bike fixed immediately for race three.

Marni at Lamberhurst

Race Three

I nearly holeshotted my race but came out of the first corner in second, I was in second for 3 laps to then notice that it got red flagged as air ambulance was coming in for someone in the race before mine. The race restarted and I nearly holeshotted it again but again exited the corner in second. I was battling with one rider, being chased but unfortunately he passed me and I continued to chase him the remainder of the race. I finished the race in 3rd position.

Overall I came 7th overall which I wasn’t happy about as if it wasn’t for the DNF (did not finish) in race two, i would have got 3rd overall!

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