Summer – 13 Things all Bikers can Relate to!

Summer is our favourite time of the year…It’s time to jump on your motorcycle and enjoy the warm air, peeling off hot and sweaty leathers and go hunting for shade! Here’s our 13 Things all Bikers can Relate to!


1.       Forgetting to remove liners. With our English summers lasting as long my nans Sunday roast, it’s no wonder why we forget to remove the lining from our kit, resulting in a very uncomfortable and sticky ride!

 CIwlqwbWgAARJRJ.png large


2.       Nothing says discomfort more than forcing your gloves back on with swollen and sweaty hands.



 3.       The overwhelming boiling sensation when stuck in traffic and the engine is burning the inside of your leg…ouch!

 Leader of the Pack.


4.       That slight relief when you unzip the top of your jacket, only for it to open up and become a cape…I always dreamt of becoming a superhero!



5.       On a beautiful summer’s day when riding through the country side and the road ahead is shimmering like the pathway to heaven.



 6.       Nothing worse than that split second of being completely blinded by the sun and not having a clue what side of the road you’re on.



7.       Going out for a nice long ride with your friends, stopping off to tuck into a lovely bit of dinner only to realise you only have your tinted visor and its getting dark outside!



8.       Wasps and other summer bugs! Nothing worse than getting a wasp or creepy crawly fly into either your jacket or helmet on a nice relaxing ride. We all know that side of the road dance routine that we have performed trying to remove the evil bugs from our kit!

  bug helmet


9.       When temperatures reach their max and your side stand starts to stick  or melt into the tarmac.



10.   Peeling leathers off your hot and sticky body. Summer + Leather = enough said!



11.   Hunting for shade or inventing new contraptions to keep your bike cool.

 umbrella man coimbatore


12.   Being well prepared by strapping a big bottle of water on the back of your bike, only for it to be hotter than the sun when drinking it!



13.   Going back to your bike and burning your bum in less than 0.1235 seconds due to the seat being as hot as a furnace. In fact your whole bike feeling pretty much on fire.


Happy Summer Biking!!!


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