Little Rusper – Senior/Rookie MX Class

Considering this was my first race back in 13 months due to tearing my ACL in half, and just the second time riding the new 2016 KTM 250f from P&H Motorcycles, I think I did okay and picked up some good results. I wasn’t expecting to finish the weekend in the top 10 due to the amount of time I had out with my knee injury. So here’s my results and a few details throughout the race…

Saturday 8th August

Race One- 5th Place.

Race one was the most edgy race, I had only ridden my new bike once and didn’t open it enough to realise what it was actually like, therefore when I was out on the track, it got to the 3rd to last lap and my arms were dead and ripped to pieces. The armpump was unbearable, although I still put myself through the struggle to keep my same position whilst 2 other riders were pressurising me throughout the whole race. I did well to keep my position, considering I had a bad start and exited the first corner in 8th or 9th place to then pull through to 5th and kept my lap times consistent and kept my position, even with the armpump. Soon as my arms began to ache I started to take things a bit easier and take slower but smoother lines rather than the fast lines that were rough and gave me a chance of falling off. I was desperate to keep my position.

Race Two- 5th Place.

Race two was much better, I had put up with the arm pump in the first race and I didn’t have to deal with it in the second or third which was good. Because my arm pump had eased off, I had much more strength to hold onto the bike, which of course meant I had more control over the bike rather than the bike having control over me. This meant that I was able to launch myself off the jumps and add power into the corner to enable me ride the rough and faster lines. I came out of the first corner in 4th place, but dropped one position towards the end where I had worn myself out chasing the top 4 pack, I was still happy with a 5th. I was being chased throughout the whole race which helped a little as it pushed me to catch the other riders.

Race Three- 5th Place.

Race three I was so comfortable with the bike plus the track too. I exited the first corner in mid pack, in other words I got a bad start, this meant that I had to chase and fight through at least 5 or 6 riders to get to the position that I wanted to be at. Because I was chasing and fighting through the pack, I was also being held back and the people who I usually rode with were half a lap in front. By the last lap I had pulled back through to 5th and with a cheeky look over my shoulder I noticed that I had left everybody behind so I had enough space and time to slow down a little on the last lap. I kept steady to reduce the risk of falling off and losing the position I was in, which worked and I finished with my third race 5th of the day.

I ended the day 5th overall also receiving a trophy for it.

Sunday 9th August

Race One- 5th.

Race one was good, the Sunday was of course the championship round therefore there were more people in my group (as many didn’t do the trophy meeting just the championship day) this of course meant the race would be much more aggressive but I was ready for it! I knew the track by now, I knew the bikes power and way of riding it, I also knew what I was and was not capable of. I came out of the first corner in 5th place and of course finished with a 5th too, but the race was one long battle. I battled with another rider who had overtaken me more than once but I fought to keep my spot, it was a constant battle. There were a few nudges exchanged whilst battling for the 5th place, I ended the race in 5th place and we both said fair play to each other. He also told me he is scared of me on the track. I was also scared I was going to get bullied on the track but in the end I had other riders telling me they were scared of me…

Race Two- 10th.

Race two was a hard and frustrating race. Coming out of the first corner in 7th or 8th to then pull through to 3rd or 4th, I let the front wash out on one of the corners as I thought using the outside line would unable me overtake everyone that was riding the inside. I quickly found out why nobody was using the outside line, the line looked steady and tacky therefore i railed it round the outside to overtake, but the front end washed out which lead me to falling off but as it was only the 2nd lap. At this point the riders were close together in a pack which meant they all passed me and left me in last place. For a long time i battled and fought to try and get back to the front, I was hindered by other riders who aren’t on the same level of riding as me. For example i would be in my rut and as soon as their rut got deeper they were cutting into mine and in the end, i pulled through to 10th. I didn’t put myself down about it as i knew i had fallen off, i was actually rather proud of myself coming from last to 10th in just a few laps.

Race Three- 7th.

Race three was a painful and a sickening race. From the start straight i was in 4th or 5th, and when i exited the first corner i was in 3rd. I was in 3rd for half a lap until i cross rutted and went off of the track which lead to 2 other riders passing me. Due to a rider coming into the side of me and pulling my weak leg backwards I pulled a muscle in my leg, I didn’t want to land from a jump with my foot on the foot peg but for safety reasons i had to. When the pain kicked in I knew I had to take it easy, but i was also getting tired due to it being the 6th race of the weekend. Due to my tiredness, another two riders passed me easily, although the whole weekend i had been way in front of them. I felt little down after being overtaken but i kept telling myself i had been out for 13 months and i shouldn’t expect myself to go out and win it straight away. I came away with a 7th, which wasn’t too bad but not as good as the rest of the weekend.

With all the results and points added together, i finished the weekend in 8th position.

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