The first race was a casual chasing and being chased race throughout, I had no big chances to take the lead and it was hard to get into the front pack. I finished this race 8th.

Second race, I had a bad start and ended up pulling through to 5th place and getting caught behind a back marker which lead me to losing one place into sixth.

After two laps of being in sixth, I dropped my bike on an off cambered corner, once I had picked it up, another rider behind me rode straight into my bike which made me drop it again. I finished in 12th and was not happy at all.

The last race was my favourite race even though I finished 21st. A bad start resulted in me being in 20th position, but within four laps I had pulled through to 5th place, which videoed on my Go Pro. When it got to 3rd to last lap I crashed with another rider, I hit my head twice, hard as well, and ended up with the bike on top of me with the wheel spinning as the throttle got stuck open.

At this point I could just about see that there was smoke coming from my trousers and my boots, soon as I saw it I panicked and knew I had to get this bike off of me. I kept trying to push the bike off me using my free leg but I couldn’t, in the end I used my hands and tried to push the bike using the frame not realising that it was actually the exhaust. At the time I didn’t realise how hot the exhaust was.

I carried on the last 2 laps, but then realised how badly I had burnt my hand and I couldn’t hold onto the handle bars. I finished the race, and as soon as I took my gloves off that’s when all the pain hit me at once!

I went to the paramedics to get it sorted and went home, even though the ending was bad, I definitely rode the best I could and finished the day 14th overall.

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