Good Citizen Karen Braysher goes from 4 to 2 Wheels

Karen's new Yamaha VityGood Citizen on Two Wheels

Karen Braysher  has recently been nominated as a ‘Good Citizen’ for the Brighton and Hove area for her Hair on Wheels work….

For us, it’s important that P&H Motorcycles is part of the local community and we like to do our bit to help people out. Whether you’re a global DJ superstar like Carl Cox, or a young teenager buying your first moped, we’ll treat you exactly the same.

We like to get to know our customers too – so when Karen, a hairdresser, came into P&H recently she told us a bit about herself. You see Karen isn’t just a standard hairdresser, come rain or shine she is a lifeline to many elderly clients in the area. Increasingly visiting those who are housebound or unable to get out of bed, Karen’s visits have come to mean more than just haircut– she’ll stop for a chat and a cup of tea, doing wonders for their wellbeing.

Unfortunately, the rising cost of parking in Brighton threatened to halt the amazing work Karen does for the community. So when she stopped by P&H, we talked her through the benefits of motorcycling and helped her choose a machine that was perfect for her – a Yamaha 125cc Vity.

Now able to zip through the traffic and avoid expensive parking, Karen has been able to expand her business to include a wig cutting service as well as attend a course to help those who have suffered hair loss through chemotherapy on their road to recovery.

We’re sure you’ll agree that Karen is certainly a star and we’re glad to we were able to help her as she helps the local community.

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