Road safety charity Brake is keen to remind motorists to slow down and become advocates of its GO 20 campaign.

The idea of the initiative is to encourage people to drop their speed, particularly around schools, residential areas and shops in a bid to protect pedestrians and those on pedal bikes.

Brake is particularly keen to remind road users to drive more cautiously now that the clocks have gone back. Riding in the dark is more difficult and you will likely have to do more of it during the winter. Going slower increases your stopping distance and allows you to take evasive action should anything unexpected happen.  

The not for profit organisation has joined forces with Autoglass to launch its Bright Day campaign, which will take place during Road Safety Week from November 17th until November 23rd.

Community groups, businesses, schools and individuals are being encouraged to dress up in brightly coloured clothes to raise awareness of the dangers that people on foot and bike face when crossing the road.

Neil Atherton, sales and marketing director at Autoglass, said that “awareness has a crucial role to play in keeping people safe on the roads”.

It has been proven that people often mistake the speed that a motorbike is travelling at or even fail to spot them at all, which is all the more reason why it is vital that you drive well within the speed limit.

Not only that, you should always drive defensively as if other motorists have not spotted you. Don't forget to wear high vis gear during the daytime and reflective kit at night. It might make sense to keep some stuff at work, so you know you are covered whatever the weather and however dark it gets.

When it comes to riding it's definitely a question of see and be seen. So avoid becoming a casualty by slowing down, staying visible and keeping your eyes peeled.

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