1. You’re now an expert in all things weather

    Not only do you study 10 different weather forecasts but you now have the ability to determine the day’s weather by cloud formation, changes in the wind and observing unusual animal behaviour. “Look! That cow is doing a handstand!”
    Good weather conditions are essential for a safe and enjoyable ride, so by becoming a self-proclaimed expert meteorologist, you could avoid some slippery situations!

  2. You’re suddenly interesting – Step away from the bike!

    Be prepared…your bike will now be an object of fascination for all your friends and family, which mean countless selfies, staged posing and “do you mind if I take it round the block”.
    For many of us, our bike is our pride and joy – many hours have been spent cleaning, servicing and enhancing our motorbike, so please don’t touch!

  3. You’re a bug magnet – The birds and the bee’s

    Nature is a beautiful thing except when birds, bees, and insects comes flying at you when riding at speed.  Unfortunately, helmets don’t come fitted with automatic windscreen wipers, which can lead to some bother when riding in an animal/insect friendly area.
    Top tip: Use Strip It Helmet and Visor cleaner to get rid of these little terrors.

  4. You experience wanderlust – “I’ll take the long way round”

    Our normal gut reactions tells us to get from A to B as safely and quickly as possible which normally means taking short cuts. Bikers think the opposite and are more likely to take the longer more scenic route.

  5. You now know how to corner…properly!

    Learning how to control your bike on the roads can be a lot of fun (when practised correctly).  Opening up round a corner can become one of the most enjoyable parts of riding and the more you ride the more confident you’ll become.
    It’s well worth signing up to an advanced rider training course (ERS) to help expand your skill set!

  6. Your perception verges on superhuman powers.

    Tar snakes and manholes are no bother to car drivers but in adverse weather conditions these can become a biker’s worst nightmare.
    When winter hits, some road surfaces turn to ice rinks, so being aware of your surroundings and careful positioning becomes extremely important. You’ll start to see hazards on the road that you never noticed before. Move over Spiderman!

  7. You’re now a self-taught mechanic and you bike is your hobby

    It may seem scary at first but working on your own bike can be hugely fulfilling. Make sure you read the handbooks you are given and ask fellow bikers or professionals for advice, even if it’s just learning to adjust your chain or changing your spark plugs!

  8. You’re part of a club. The bikers nod

    Welcome to the club, as soon as you buy your first bike you automatically become part of a 1 million strong community who are passionate about all things bike! There are plenty of biker forums online filled with budding two-wheel enthusiasts willing and ready to help you out at a moment notice. Don’t know how to fix something or where to buy parts? Go online and you’ll soon find out.

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