Juice Box Pro – a simple solution for a complex problem

Some motorcycle enthusiasts know exactly how to maximise the performance of a machine. They have the technical expertise to unlock the potential of a bike no matter what conditions they are riding in.

However, many bikers are looking for motorcycle accessories that can do this work for them, such as performance management systems that optimise the engine output all year-round.

Luckily, P&H motorcycles has just the solution, with Two Brothers Racing’s Juice Box Pro, a device that will provide fuel and ignition mapping for additional power and torque in different weather conditions.

A little extra juice

Two Brothers Racing has been building high quality motorcycle accessories for the powersports industry for more than 20 years.

A Juice Box is a must for any biker looking to improve the performance of their vehicle, allowing the rider to manage the fuel injection system with the push of a button while the vehicle is in motion.

Simplicity is the key

At the heart of the Juice Box’s appeal is its simplicity – it fits directly into the OEM wiring harness between the stock ECU and the fuel injectors.

Engine performance is visually represented by a simple LED system, to allow the rider to keep on top of the power output without getting distracted from the road ahead.

Each package produced by Juice Box motorcycle accessories is tailored to the specific engine and exhaust system in use to ensure that the powerband is maximised.

And while the Juice Box may alter the way the engine is managed, no changes that it makes to the motor’s performance are permanent. Removing the Juice Box motorcycle accessories will take the bike back to its original settings.

Pro settings

Juice Box Pro takes all these features and adds power map storage and the ultimate in PC-based tuning capabilities.

Up to ten different power maps to be saved to the system, which the manufacturer claims allows for “virtually limitless tuning potential”.

Preset power maps can be downloaded to the system. Designed by the skilled technicians at Two Brothers Racing, the maps provide a programme for fuel distribution to the engine.

By changing the fuel distribution in cold or humid conditions, the horsepower and the torque can be boosted to get the machine performing at its optimum level.

And when riders become more familiar with the way in which these power maps affect the handling of the bike, custom settings can be created and saved to the hard drive, to be recalled on the road at the touch of a button.

Fine tuning

Using motorcycle accessories such as Juice Box Pro can allow the fuel circuits to be enriched by up to 250 per cent, or reduced by 100 per cent compared to the standard factory settings.

As well as choosing between the preset and custom built power maps for the management of the engine, low, middle and high RPM ranges can be individually fine tuned while on the bike.

And while the modification increments may vary depending on the type of machine being used, they are automatically interpolated between the RPM range and the throttle position, to ensure that the power curve remains smooth.

Unlock the bike’s true potential

With the Juice Box Pro, the options are endless when it comes to performance – if the engine is capable of doing it, the Juice Box Pro can find a way of making it happen.

P&H Motorcycles’ range of motorcycle accessories includes this easy to fit engine management system. The device is simple to install and use, providing top level performance for any rider who really wants to see how fast their bike can go.