Firstly can we thank you for choosing to make your motorcycle purchase through P&H Motorcycles.

We have created this guide to help everything go smoothly with your new motorcycle or scooter purchase.

Insurance for Taxing and Registration

If you are buying a new motorcycle or scooter from us then you will need insurance. We do not need to see this insurance as an electronic registration method checks this.

For a new bike, your tax and V5 logbook should be with you within 1-2 weeks and you can legally ride the bike immediately. There is now no need to legally display a tax disc.

For used bikes, tax will (by law) need to be purchased by the new owner. This can be done online in our showroom but if you wish to do it at home we will need to give you a reference number for the used bike. This is a number from the V5 logbook. If you have a part exchange then you will get a refund of any tax remaining once DVLA receive the yellow section of the V5 (which can also be done online).

Part exchange

If you are part exchanging your current motorcycle/s, we will require:

  1. Your current vehicle V5 document. We cannot complete your deal without it.
  2. Owner’s manual
  3. Service book
  4. Spare keys/Remotes (and Master/Red key if applicable)
  5. MOT certificate (current and previous if available)
  6. Standard parts, i.e. seats/cowls/screens/pegs etc.
  7. Standard exhaust if a sports/race exhaust is currently fitted. If you do not have a standard or legal exhaust, you must inform your sales contact prior to completion.
  8. The yellow section of the V5 will need to be sent to the DVLA to notify of being part exchanged. This will trigger a refund of road tax (if any) back to the registered keeper.

Finance Acceptance and Completion

We will require, without fail, the card section of your driving licence for identification purposes and to complete the funding prior to collection. Please advise us of any misspelling on your order form or finance proposal. If you have the old style licence, please advise us prior to collection.

Your licence must be seen by us, show your current address, be legible and be valid. If you cannot fulfil the requirements please inform us prior to collection as your vehicle collection depends on it. Other identifications can be used in some instances but only by prior arrangement with the finance company you are using.

Payment Methods

When paying the final balance or completion of your deposit we can accept the following forms of payment:

  1. Credit cards – If you wish to pay up to £1000 in total by credit card we do not pass on any credit card charges. Over £1000 incurs a charge of 1.2%. This charge is below our charges for taking credit card payments. Chip and pin is required and the cardholder must be present. For Amex, the charge is 2.6%
  2. Debit cards – This is the most common and safest method of payment. No charges are made regardless of value. Entire full payment can be made but please check your balance and inform your bank prior to trying! Chip and PIN applies and cardholder must be present.
  3. BACS – For motorcycle purchases only. Becoming more popular for payment but please inform your sales contact of your intention to use this type of transaction. We need your registration number as a reference. Our details are: Sort Code: 40-14-03 Account number: 32134721


Please notify us as soon as possible if any additional accessories are required as we wish your new purchase to pass as efficiently as possible through our workshop facilities. Last-minute extras may cause a delay to your handover appointment.

The collection of any spare parts often results with standard parts that need collecting. Please arrange collection within one month as space is minimal at times.


At certain times through the year our service department is extremely busy and booking your first service (this service is usually required at 600 miles approx) for a new motorcycle or scooter is paramount. Between March and September please allow anything from 2-4 weeks for a service booking.

Handover – the good bit!

After all of the expectant preparation we can get to the bit everyone enjoys!

This is a special time and we want it all to go smoothly on the big day. Please allow 35-40 minutes for your handover and maybe a little longer if finance processing is required.

If you have arranged a delivery of a motorcycle, we do still need to do a handover so please discuss with our sales team when we can do this.

Handovers are usually easier for both you and us during the week as it is less busy in the showroom. If you can arrange a weekday handover it is appreciated and may bring forward your collection day.

After the paperwork/admin of the sale we will then take you through the motorcycle/scooter very thoroughly. At this time make use of us and ask any questions you may have. We want you to have a full understanding of your new purchase and how to get the best from it.

We would love to give you a memento of the handover so please let us know if you want a picture taken and we can email it to you for your records. The moment never comes again!!

We hope this document has proven to be useful to you.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your sales contact or the sales team on 01293 413300