As much as we hate the time consuming job of looking for motorcycle insurance, we all have to do it. To make your life a little easier, we have put together a list of motorcycle insurance companies, online insurance companies and helpful hints to get you on your way. If you do call a motorcycle insurance company listed below for a motorcycle insurance quote, please remember to either mention P&H or quote the code listed below.

If you have the internet then it is sometimes quicker and more cost efficient to get an online motorcycle insurance quote.

Always be honest – Remember Motorcycle Insurance Companies share information on a national database.

So if you have any claims, convictions or if you have been refused motorcycle insurance before – DECLARE EVERYTHING!

Compare quotes – remember to check:

  • The Excess Cover
  • Do you get Legal Cover?
  • Do you get Breakdown Recovery?
  • Have you got European Cover – riding abroad?
  • Do you receive any no fault protection?
  • Is your clothing and equipment covered?
  • Are you paying by installments – what is the total amount payable?
  • Are you insured on other bikes?
  • Remember to ask:

If you receive discount for having some advanced tuition?

Enhnaced Rider Scheme, up to 20% discount on your next insurance renewal. Please see our In-house Training Provider for more details on Enhanced Rider Scheme Courses.

Below are a list of insurance companies that we recommend you try:

Access Underwriting

Contact Access Underwriting on 0870 2412214 and quote P & H or visit them at

Bike Sure

Contact Bike Sure on 0800 089 8070 and quote G494 or visit them at

Bennetts Insurance

Contact Bennetts Insurance on 0800 107 0780 and quote D2189 or visit them at

Blackhorse Insurance

Contact Blackhorse Insurance on 0870 2642323 and quote BH 4035

Carole Nash

Contact Carole Nash on 0800 0834422 and quote 3354 or visit them at

CIA Insurance

Contact CIA Insurance on 0870 4442777 or visit them at

Devitt Insurance

Contact Devitt Insurance on 0800 200369 or visit them at

Dyer & Holmes

Contact Dyer & Holmes on 01622 747121

Ducati Insurance

Contact Ducati Insurance on 0870 4106060 or visit them at

eBike Insurance

Contact eBike Insurance on 0870 7531124 or visit them at

Honda Insurance

Contact Honda Insurance on 0870 0780102 /101 or visit them at

H&R Insurance

Contact H&R Insurance on 0845 1302800 and quote 'MAW' or visit them at

Hastings Direct

Contact Hastings Direct on 0800 111066 or visit them at


Contact Insure on 08706 080051 or visit them at


Contact K-Care on 0870 3662255 and quote 8076 or visit them at

Motorcycle Direct

Contact Motorcycle Direct on 0870 6061694 and quote 2251 or visit them at

Performance Direct

Contact Performance Direct on 01234 424908 and quote DLRPH3 or visit them at

Rider Select

Contact Rider Select on 0870 4584867 and quote DLR PHZ or visit them at


Contact Roadsure on 0845 6021200 and quote A0294 or visit them at

Swinton Bikes

Contact Swinton Bikes on 0800 9122512

Suzuki Insurance

Contact Suzuki Insurance on 0844 888 7565 or visit them at

Thamesbank Insurance

Contact Thamesbank Insurance on 0208 3115700

Yamaha Insurance

Contact Yamaha Insurance on 08700 747374 and quote P&H

Virgin Bikes

Contact Virgin Bikes on 08700 713000 or visit them at

Wicked Quote

Contact Wicked Quote on 08704 190430 or visit them at

H & R Insurance

Contact H & R Insurance on 01224 848382 or visit them at

eBike Insurance

Contact eBike Insurance or visit them at